12 Days of Christmas Foodbank Challenge!

11th November 2020

The Whitehawk Foodbank 12 Days of Christmas Challenge!

Trussell Trust foodbanks in the UK are currently giving out a food parcel every six minutes in the UK. The COVID crisis has seen a large increase in foodbank usage and we’ve seen an increase of up to 4x the number of referrals when comparing to last year. This means we are needing an unprecedented level of stock and we’ve been so grateful for all the generosity we have received!

This Winter, why not give back by completing the 12 steps of the Christmas Foodbank challenge!

  1. Pasta/Rice- Collect some pasta and/or rice to donate to the foodbank
  2. Tinned Curry- Collect tinned curry to donate to the foodbank
  3. Cat and Dog Food- Collect some cat and/or dog food to donate to the foodbank
  4. Bankuet Donation- Head over to and make a donation
  5. Toiletries- Purchase some toiletries to donate to the foodbank.
  6. Christmas Selection Box- Collect a box of Christmas chocolates or biscuits to donate to the foodbank
  7. UHT Milk/Long-Life Juice- Purchase UHT Milk and/or long-life juice to donate to the foodbank
  8. Share a Social Media Post- Find a social media post from the Whitehawk Foodbank to share
  9. Recruit a Friend- Recruit a friend to take on the challenge as well!
  10. Custard/Rice Pudding- Collect some custard and/or Rice Pudding to donate to the foodbank
  11. Tinned Vegetables- Purchase some tinned veg to donate to the foodbank
  12. Donation Drop-off- Come and drop off the items you’ve collected to the Whitehawk Foodbank @ Valley Social Centre, Whitehawk Way, BN2 5HE (Tues, Weds 10am-3pm)

If you need any help or have any questions feel free to contact us via email ([email protected]) or Phone (07941 397648)

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