#TogetherforChange in Whitehawk

7th January 2021


Looking back, 2020 has been an eventful year for the emergency food sector and certainly for us at the Whitehawk Foodbank. The numbers tell the story; the first week of January saw 23 referrals with 48 beneficiaries, twelve months later, on the w/c 14th December we received over 120 referrals with a total of over 320 beneficiaries. 



There are so many people to thank for their help in 2020. Firstly, our incredible volunteer team. Over the course of 2020 we have had over 100 volunteers giving their time to pack food parcels, lift crates, chat on the phone, make deliveries and so much more, it has been a great team effort! Further, a huge thank you to all of our supporters and donors. Individuals, families, neighbourhoods and businesses have all provided us with amazing support over the past year and there is no way we could’ve met the increasing need in our community without the numerous donations and support we have received.

Looking ahead to 2021, there is no doubt it will also present its own challenges. We remain hopeful and confident that we can turn the tide on poverty in East Brighton. With the Trussell Trust and other foodbanks all around the country we will be partnering in the #togetherforchange strategy as we work towards changing communities, changing policy and changing minds with the aspiration to work towards a future without the need for foodbanks. In many ways, 2020 has been a ‘firefighting’ year as we have leapt from crisis to crisis. Although 2021 will also present its own crises, we are committed to doing all that we can to combat the causes of food poverty in our community and we hope that you will join us in helping to create that future; through giving, volunteering, partnering and supporting in any way you can.

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