About our foodbank

Our foodbank is a project founded by Brighton churches, working together towards stopping hunger in our local area.

The Whitehawk foodbank is a project founded by St Cuthman’s Church, Emmanuel Church (Marina) and St Peter’s Church, working together towards stopping hunger in Whitehawk and the wider East Brighton area.


Our vision and values are committed to a future without the need for foodbanks, where everyone can afford the essentials


Our vision is to be able to close the doors of our foodbank because everyone in our community has what they need to afford the essentials.

This future may seem far off, but we’re committed to doing what we can to work towards a hunger free future through our Together for Change Strategy.

  • Through Changing Communities we aim to provide access to high quality financial advice for clients as well as wraparound support for those in crisis in areas of housing, health, counselling and many more.
  • We aim to play our part in Changing Policy by using our data and experience to influence policy solutions to benefit those experiencing hardship.
  • By Changing Minds we’ll build a crowd of people committed to our vision and values to see a future without the need for foodbanks in East Brighton.


  • We stand in solidarity with people that need the help of food banks. Compassion doesn’t just help people in crisis but seeks to challenge injustices that they face. Our compassion is a ‘we-compassion’. We stand alongside people facing poverty.
  • We are motivated by a desire to see a more just society. It’s not right that anyone is facing hunger and poverty. We speak up with those who are in crisis, advocating for a better future for them and everyone else in our community.
  • We love Whitehawk and East Brighton and want to see a fairer society for everyone that lives here. Partnership and collaboration to create positive change in our community is at the heart of what we do.
  • We recognise the innate value of each individual person and seek to prioritise the other person’s needs and concerns in the spirit of mutuality and friendship. We always want to empower people’s choice, believing that choice creates dignity.


We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved and immensely grateful to all our supporters and team for making it happen.
We believe it is possible for a UK without the need for food banks, where everyone has enough to be able to afford the essentials and we’re excited about playing our part in that future over the coming years.

Click the link below to read our impact report for 2021!

Whitehawk Foodbank Impact Report 2021

If you don’t have time to read our full impact report, why not check out this snapshot version?

Impact Report Snapshot

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